[COMPLETED] What's status of Better Uptime extension?

Hello -

Back in Oct or November was told that Better Uptime integration was on hold until they upgraded their API.
I got a notification last week that they have updated API. Is this correct?

Hi Matthew,

yes, it’s correct, the API is completed on their side.

It is on our Roadmap to add the support for Better Uptime in the AUM extension.
I don’t have accurate time-frame, but we will give our best to get it done as soon as possible.


Thanks, Bogdan for the update!

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Hi Bogdan -
Any news on this update for adding Better Uptime extension?

Hi Matthew,

I still don’t have ETA for this update.
As soon as I get any info from the dev team, I will let you know.

ok thx. Figured I’d ask :slight_smile: :smiley:

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Hi Bogdan,

Is there any update on this?

Hi Matt,

As soon as we get chance to get this we will announce it and update this topic.


I understand there is no ETA… but is the development started?

If so, are you at 10%? 50%? 80%?

That could help us make a decision about what’s next. Is there a roadmap where we can see what is coming?


We just finished the Better Uptime integration and the AUM extension 5.2-beta1 can be found here:

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