Confirmation when updating all (especially on groups screen) is needed urgently

Thanks. The other feedback I wanted to offer regarded bulk updates. After clicking a button to update a group of sites, a pop up with progress bar appears. There seems to be a “close” button, but it’s not clear if this actually kills the processes, or if the updates continue in the background. If the process is stopped, it’s not clear where it stopped. To me, it would be very nice if there were a more verbose, text-style output that indicated what is in progress and what is complete, so I could scroll back and see what has been updated. I stopped using the Update All buttons completely, and now I use the individual update buttons for each theme/plugin/individual update. because I like that sort of interface (the button, the color change after complete reminds me of the plugin updates on WordPress itself, where the progress is indicated next to each plugin entry instead of a pop up progress bar).

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Hi Libby,

thanks for verifying that the problem is resolved by re-enabling the option.

I’m just going to quote your edit so I can mark this as resolved and to note that the default for that option is “On” so if you have it get turned off on you again open a ticket so we can investigate.


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