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I am installing Matomo (self-hosted) on all of my child sites. I am trying to connect them to MainWP. I did not have the API Token. In searching for how to get it I found:

Matomo 3 and older

You can find the `token_auth` by logging in Matomo (Piwik), then click on  Administration in the top menu, then click the link “API” in the left menu.

The `token_auth` value can be re-generated on request by any user under Administration > Personal Settings.

## Matomo for WordPress

The `token_auth` feature as well as Matomo’s [HTTP Reporting API]( is not available in Matomo for WordPress because Matomo supports the [WordPress REST API](

Can the extension please be fixed so that this will work?

@strannik The extension is not broken…

When we built this extension " Matomo for WordPress" was not a thing. In order to use this extension and get your API_Key you will need to follow the other installation method -

Matomo On-Premise <-------------------------

Self host Matomo Analytics where you want and how you want.

  • Requires technical knowledge and a server
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