Connection problem

Hello, I am trying to connect a website to MainWP but I always get this error message. I am using the latest version and I also tried to use the security code but it doesn’t work. Do you know where the problem could be coming from?

“MainWP Child plugin not detected or could not be reached! Ensure the MainWP Child plugin is installed and activated on the child site, and there are no security rules blocking requests. If you continue experiencing this issue, please review this Knowledgebase document, and if you still have issues, please let us know in the MainWP Community.”

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Hey @dindludovic

The most common cause for this error message is a security rule present on the child site.

  1. Do you use a security plugin on your child site? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable it and see if that helps?

  2. Do you have any security rules present in the .htaccess on your child site? If yes, can you try temporarily removing them and see if that helps?

  3. Do you use Cloudflare or any other cloud proxy firewall? If yes, can you try to whitelist your Dashboard IP or temporarily disable it to see if that helps?

And can you please check the Test Connection and see what response you get for that child site?

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