Connection Test Failed

I am getting a Connection Test Failed Error ( Received HTTP-code: 403 (Forbidden))

The child site is hosting with cloudways … also using CloudFlare for WAF. - I have whitelisted my Main WP dashboard server URL in cloudlfare setting but still being blocked… is there more detail I can check to see what is blocking it?

Hey @dsgadmin

The error message is not generated by MainWP but is a generic server-related error message that MainWP is simply relaying.

I have whitelisted my Main WP dashboard server URL in cloudlfare setting

Can you try also whitelisting the IP along side the URL of your Dashboard in Cloudflare and see if that helps? I believe there might be a difference in how Cloudflare handles whitelisting IPs compared to URLs. Whitelist your MainWP Dashboard in Cloudflare Firewall - MainWP Documentation

Other things you may also try:

  1. Do you use some security plugins on your child site? If yes, can you try to temporarily disable them and see if that helps?

  2. Do you have any security rules present in the .htaccess file of your child site? If yes, can you try temporarily removing them and see if that helps?

  3. If none of the above helps, can you please contact the host support of the child site and have them check server Firewall logs and see if there are any records about blocked requests from your dashboard?

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I have whitelisted the ip in cloudways (host) and cloudflare – i can see that cloudflare is getting “hits” from the this firewall rule but i am still unable to connect.
I have disabled all caching and security features as well… still nothing.

Hi Andrew,

thanks for confirming that.

The error 403 clearly states that the problem is something that is blocking your dashboard.
We just need to figure it out.

Have you checked with your host support? Can they see anything in the server firewall log?

What response do you get from the Test Connection feature?

If nothing in there, can you please open a helpdesk ticket so we can check what is going on?

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Just to provide an update on this -

Cloudflare is still blocking the connection even though the IP and URL of the Dashboard has been whitelisted. The issue is still being worked on but Andrew will likely have to involve Cloudflare support since it appears that the whitelisting is not being respected in the settings.

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