Console error about Branding Extension

When navigating in the WP dashboard, there is always a console error about an issue with main-wp-branding.js:114

TypeError: $( ‘.delete_text_replace’ ).live is not a function. (In ‘$( ‘.delete_text_replace’ ).live( ‘click’, function () {
$( this ).closest( ‘.mainwp-branding-text-replace-row’ ).fadeOut();
return false;
})’, ‘$( ‘.delete_text_replace’ ).live’ is undefined)

This is on WP 5.5.1 and using MainWP 4.1.2 or

You are probably using an old version of the extension, because this should be solved in version 4.0.2, see the changelog:


Well that’s strange… is there a known problem that MainWP adding wouldn’t mentions available updates in WP?

All of them are licensed and connected…

Yes, that’s a known issue (but I don’t know the cause or a structural solution). There have been multiple posts/discussions about it, like in

Hi @jfa, please make sure you are running the latest version ( and let us know how it goes.

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