Correct Lighthouse API key

I had a hard time getting the Lighthouse extension to work. There are so many keys in the Google Console, I had no idea which one to use. And in MainWP there is not feedback, no error message if the key fails, it just doesn’t give results.

The key that eventually worked for me was:

Browser key (auto created by Google Service)

I hope this is going to help someone out. Ideally this info would end up in the docs.

Hey @wdburgdorf

The API used by the Lighthouse extension is the PageSpeed Insights API, as described in this help document: Get the Google PageSpeed Insights API Key - MainWP Documentation

Can you please check if that API works for you as well?

Hi Bojan,
I did that description, but I did not and do not see the key as it is depicted there. I only find keys under “Credentials”, tried them, and the one that worked was the Browser key. Maybe if your screenshots showed a bit more context, I could figure it out. Maybe I missed or skipped a step. But anyway, if that Browser key works, as long as there is a hint about it somewhere, that could be good enough.

Now I traced back how I got the key. I tried the “Tool”, that is mentionend and linked in your description, but it did not work for me. I could not see any “Next” button. So I went ahead and set up credentials directly in the console.

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Great, I’m glad you’ve managed to create the API key directly in the console.

When you open the Google Console tool, the Next button is in the bottom right of the window. So if you have your browser window full-screened or if you have a large display, it can a bit hard to spot.

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