Creating a Secure Tunnel to Access Your LocalHost Installation of MainWP

Use Case: MainWP Support Ticket agent access.
Use Case: Secure Remote Access when not in the office
Use Case(untested): Utilizing MainWP Team Control behind your firewall

Inspectable secure tunnels to localhost environments.

If the VM Software that you are utilizing doesn’t have a built in “Live Share” feature, you are still able to provide access to your LocalHost installation of MainWP by utilizing the same tool that the other VM Softwares use. It’s quick secure & best of all FREE! There are other use cases for this tool but that is for another post.

Setting up a Secure Tunnel

  • Download & install WP-Ngrok WP plugin.
  • Sign up for a FREE account on
  • Download Ngrok for your OS & unzip to your computer. ( a good spot to put this is your ~/User/ folder. You can install globally but that is beyond the scope of this tutorial ).
  • Connecting to your account ( Your authToken should be in your Ngrok account under Getting Started >Your Authtoken )
    • Open up Terminal or PowerShell & CD into the directory that you unzipped Ngrok to.
    • Run this command below ( do not include $ in your command & use your own authtoken.)
$ ./ngrok authtoken 1z3jNO0eqkhqYmkejXIiMgBnQpv_5C5UY9GCKRUw9MPhJtPsc

  • Open up secure tunnel ( replace “localdomain.test” & port “8888” to match your local environment ).
$ ./ngrok http -host-header=rewrite localdomain.test:8888

You should see the below output within your terminal window. Simply copy the HTTP/HTTPS URL and share.

Running tunnels will be listed on the status page of the dashboard.

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