Creating/Saving multiple posts to push to Child sites

Just getting started.

How do I add multiple posts and then publish them to the child sites?

Seems like “Bulk Posts” is the right area, but I don’t see how to “move” (push? copy?) more than one post at a time.

Trying to use MainWP as a control hub for content distribution to my network of sites.

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Correct, if you want to create a post and publish it to multiple sites at once, you can do so on MainWP Dashboard > Posts > Add New page.

However, if by “move” articles, you mean to take a post that’s already published on a particular child site, and then re-publish it on other child sites, you would have to copy/paste the content of that post manually and then publish it from the MainWP Dashboard > Posts > Add New page.

We also have an Article Uploader extension which may be of use to you if you wish to import articles in bulk to the MainWP Dashboard and then publish those articles to multiple child sites.

Thank you for the warm welcome.

Right now we load content (posts), schedule them, and then export that collection of posts (as xml) from one of our WordPress sites. From there, we import that content to our network of websites, one at a time. All the categories, tags, author, images, and embed are included in the export and subsequently the import. The scheduled posts then publish according to their times.

I’m trying to find a way to centrally control this process, so that we don’t have to export and then import groups of content (scheduled posts). Instead, we can push (copy? publish?) scheduled posts to their destinations on our network of sites.

Reading the documentation beforehand, it seemed like this is something that MainWP does, but now I’m not so sure. The description of the “Article Uploader” feature seems to specifically limit the elements that are processed where it says “upload multiple text files containing only a title and content for the article…”

The next paragraph mentions a different method of loading a more complete set of data, but does not go into specifics. “Second, the more powerful method allows you to add multiple articles in one or more .txt or .csv files. That is not all. Using this method, you can set article title and body and article slug, categories, tags, excerpt, author, etc.”

I’m hoping you can help me clarify if/how the features in MainWP will work to accomplish this.

With MainWP, you can bulk schedule posts to any number of sites, however, some granularity that you are describing is not currently available.

You can define categories, tags, and images for those scheduled posts, but the Author will always be the user account that was used to connect the child site to the MainWP Dashboard.

Moving or copying existing posts in bulk from one site to another is not possible with MainWP. You would have to open one of the existing posts, and then copy/paste the content of that post manually and then publish it from the MainWP Dashboard > Posts > Add New page.

The Article Uploader extension can help you ingest data to the Dashboard, but similar limitations apply there as well, and a custom Post Author cannot be set.
In the sidebar of the Article Uploader, we are incorrectly stating that the Author can be set. Our apologies for the confusion. We will have that fixed.

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