Cron not firing? Don't receive Daily Digest

Not receiving Digest.

I did a clean install on a subdomain ( I can send and receive mail from my desktop using Outlook 365.

Server staus = Pass on all settings. Sync time is 5PM twice a day. I can update plugins and themes from the dashboard.

Sometimes and only intermittently, if I login to the site, in a few minutes I will receive the Digest.

I’ve been struggling with this for a week. Was hoping to upgrade to PRo but I’m beginning to wonder if a hosted solution wouldn’t make my life easier.

Hi @Lemarque

Please check if the “Use WP Cron” setting is enabled, which can be found under Settings → Advanced Settings.

If you want to make sure that WP Cron jobs are regularly triggered on your MainWP Dashboard, you could use an Uptime Checking service, like Uptime Robot, and add your Dashboard site as a monitor.

The Uptime Robot will ping your dashboard site regularly and make sure that all scheduled events are occurring.



Yes, and just to say, I’ve been all over the Docs thinking there might be a cron job setting specifically for WPMain. I’ll try Uptime Robot and failing that I’ll try disabling the WordPress cron and add something like “wget -q -O – >/dev/null 2>&1” Then I’ll use WP-CLI to see if I can identify any problems.
It would be great if there was a built in feature to test the cron function from withing the plugin.

Also, it’s not clear as to what setting, if any, determines the time WPMain emails the DIgest.

And finally, I have other WP sites that are dependent upon cron running and there are no problems with those sites at all.

Please make a suggestion on our Feedback site where other users will have the opportunity to vote for it and let us know what they want the most.

At the moment, we don’t have that option.

Other sites may be getting some different types of network activity that would trigger WP-Cron to run.


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