Custom Dashboard 4.0.1 CSS injects into Frontpage and Admin Dashboard


I see some undesirable behaviour when using the Custom Dashboard 4.0.1 extension with CSS for ‘skinning’ the MainWP Dashboard. The CSS code is also injectected into the Frontpage and Admin area. Which in some cases leads to layout problems.

How to replicate:

Create a custom CSS style with the Custom Dashboard extension. Go to the Frontpage or Admin and look at the page source and it will show up within the body.


Custom CSS should only be injecteded or enqueued when using the MainWP interface/plugin.

Hi Rick, thanks for reporting this.

I was able to duplicate the problem and we will get this fixed for the next release.


Thanks for looking into this and the confirmation. Looking forward to see the update! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Rick,

We just released the extension version 4.0.2 that solves the problem.


That was fast! Thanks @bogdan ! :smiley:

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Hi Rick, you are very welcome.

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