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I am new to mainwp and was interested in using Pro Reports. However, reading the documentation, I thought it lacked information for an intermediate user.

I also searched in here for solutions to what I want to accomplish:

  • I need to create a custom report with business logo (ok this was easy) plus header image (what size to use of image pixel).

  • On the help page just say to download the file (I did this) and use your favorite code editor to make customizations. Is there more info for someone who is not advanced and also dont have a favorite code editor?

*I didn’t see any where a place where it says, how can we change the language of the fields on the report. Is MainWP only for English speaking clients?

Thank you very much.

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@dannygrio1234 MainWP Pro was design with the mind set that the end user would already know certain details in order to create a custom template. However, I can totally see how this can be confusing for somebody just starting out “custom coding” & wants to move from MainWP Client Reports Extension which provides WYSIWYG editors to achieve the same goal. If you are only wanting to change those two things the latter extension might be a better choice.

Still - here is some info I have curated that may help you complete your task:

Edit Below <HTML> LINE only unless you understand what the PHP code does.

The Top Free Coded Editors in this field:
I would choose VSCode Or Notepad++

Header Image Size
As for the Header image size I would keep it at 600X600 which is what the original one is set to. If you open it up and inspect the file you will see it’s dimensions. This file is located within your SFTP server under wp_content/plugins/MainWP Pro Reports/images/ background.jpg

Language Translation
MainWP is not only for “English Speaking clients.” We do support other languages if it has been translated through the built in WP translation features. You may read more about this here: MainWP Goes Multilingual! - MainWP WordPress Management

Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, for a new user I am afraid to say that the documentation is a bit lacking information and more guidance. I also searched youtube, since it is easier for tutorials, but also lacks quality videos for specific tasks like custom reports.

I need to send the report to my client, and I am spending a week just to figure out how to change the fields from english to my client’s language. I don’t mind anymore customizing the design, even though that would be nice, but I didnt find the tool user friendly, and lets be honest, PHP is great and can give many possibilities, however is not that easy for those that only know CSS, HTML.

Anyway, regarding the language, I do not mind the tool being in english, I mind not knowing how to change the report fields to be in another language, besides english. I fall on the custom report using PHP again if I search documentation. Nothing is saying about changing language of reports, understand?

Regarding the above reply, you say it is better for me to use the latter extension. I guess is the Main WP report and not the pro one. Correct?

However, this wont create PDF!

I need to send the client a PDF, understand? I am not interested anymore in style etc, because unfortunately I can’t learn PHP at the moment. Maybe after I finish other learnings I have as priority.

I just need to change fields of report to clients language. Would it be possible to point me to the right direction?

Many thanks,

Ok, me again. Went to the old child report solution where you are able to edit somewhat the report (Client reports).

Strangely, the plugin section where it lists the updates, even-though I am using the default template:

this comes blank:



[] atualizado de [plugin.old.version] para [plugin.current.version]


Last, some tokens gives me the answer in english like Virusdie and also with green color font.

Any solution for all of this?

Many thanks

The above where I say it comes blank, if I try the pro report it brings me all the updates of plugins, but then, I cant edit the fields to my client’s language.

@dannygrio1234 Yes, the MainWP Client Report Extension and the MainWP Pro Reports extension are two separate tools. MainWP PRO Report was created for those that wanted MORE than what the other extension provided at the time, along with sending PDF report instead of an HTML email. ( easier to customize ) Yes, it comes with a learning curve hence the “Pro” nomenclature.

Yes, I DO understand that you need to send a PDF…You had not mentioned this in your original post or I would have not suggested that you use the other extension.

With that said, to pull off what you want to do you are going to have to get your feet wet with a BIT of PHP… The Custom Templates within MainWP Pro are mix of PHP and HTML / CSS, mostly HTML, that then gets converted to PDF via domPDF.

In order to translate the text that is in those templates read this thread here: Pro Reports PDF translation
My apologies for not pointing you to this thread earlier but I wrote it over a year and a half ago & only found it while searching this forum for “Report Language”…

Please let me know if you have further questions. If you find that you are still having issues figuring it out - I will be more then willing to help you get things translated correctly where you want.

Well, this is a super interesting topic for web designer like @dannygrio1234 , me, and thousands others.
I (hopefully) didn’t get to that point yet, but now that I discover the thread, I am thinking hard to see if the competition offers better customisation and translation solutions for non-coders.

Any suggestions are welcome.

Sorry for late reply and thank you for the answer. I used the mainwp report instead. Not perfect, as for security MainWP doesn’t have Ithemes short code yet and Virusdie, returns answers in english.

I could manage to send to the client though, but it was somewhat a very time consuming effort. I wish I could find better documentation or video tutorials.

I believe that the key feature of Mainwp is to generate quality reports. However, it needs more tutorials online so it can help us accomplish using Mac or Windows. In my case is Mac.

If mainWP ever think of doing a tutorial online, please focus on Client Report Pro, as this will help a lot and I am sure I could start from there and other users as well.

Many thanks,

@tdechangy We are constantly updating our core code to fit the needs of our customers. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to make a Feature Request!

@dannygrio1234 As mentioned to @tdechangy we re constantly updating our core code & tweeking for suggestions. Never hesitaate to submit a feature request.

The MainWP Pro Reports extension is on the roadmap for a slight revamp soon - so any suggestions are extremely important.

Thank you both for the input.

@dannygrio1234 If you would like help with your translations please open a Support ticket and we will be sure to help you out!

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