Custom report token with data from child site

Hi there,
I already know the hooks to make custom tokens, but as I want to customize reports with arbitrary data from my child sites, I have the exact same question as planetahuevo here:

Is it possible to get dynamic values for the tokens from the child sites installing another script on the child site that get the info from the database?
I have some data on the child database from a third party plugin, I just need to be able to transfer that to the mainwp dashboard and use this snippet to put it into the reports, but I am struggling to do the connection.

Or is it maybe possible to extend the Child Reports plugin to log custom data which can be used for custom tokens. This sound the most logic way to do it. Maybe this question will convert to a feature request :slight_smile:

Had anyone the same idea and already found a solution, then I would really appreciate some hint.

Thanks and best regards

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Hi Manuel, I will check with the dev team about the best approach to handle dynamic data. Since I am not a coder, I can’t help much.

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