Customise Dashboard Menu of Managed Child Site

Hi all I’m looking to create a snippet (newbie with little experience) that allows me to change dashboard navigation menu on managed child sites. MainWP Branding Extension can help with most items but I need more advanced control, where I can hide menu items per user role. For example a Admin can see all dashboard menu items, anyone below Admin will see a reduces menu. It would also be helpful if I could hide within menus so remove individual submenu items but not all items.

Do you think this feature could ever be added to MainWP Branding Extension. A menu section that lists all installed Plugins and allows us to modify the Admin Dashboard Menu that other users can see, toggling on and off the visibility of those items.

I hope this makes sense any help would be appreciated.

Maybe something like this through the Code Snippet Extension

This snippet is untested by our team so you’d want to test it on a site before pushing to your whole network.

You can find a list of snippets tested by @sebastian-moran in this git GitHub - mainwp/Code-Snippets-Functions: Repository for the MainWP Code Snippets Extension functions.

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