Customise Email Template for Client Reports

Is it possible to customise the actual HTML template for Client Reports? I don’t have the need to send PDF reports, so not currently using PRO Reports.

I’m finding that the responsive layout of the template is currently limiting when adding my own images and styles.

If not, is it possible to use PRO Reports without sending a PDF?

@Ryan You may add any HTML that you wish to the MainWP Client Reports Extension by simply switching to the “Text” tab.

MainWP Pro Reports is design to only send data within the PDF document.

For strange reason, even though I switched to Text mode to edit the report template, when I preview/email the test, all the line breaks were converted to

. I had to resort to remove all white space to get rid of the unwanted line breaks. This makes it hard for me to make further edits eventually. I wonder why?

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