Daily Digest sent numerous times a day

I am getting the daily digest emails 12 times a day. A 12 mails exactly 30 minutes after each other. It seems that this is sent out for every site I am monitoring throughout the MainWP dashboard.

That makes no sense as these 12 emails have all the same content. What’s going on here?

Hi @christianh, thank you for reaching out.

Can you try to set the Auto Sync Frequency to once per day in MainWP Settings and see if that helps?

it was set to twice per day. But I will try it with once per day an come back to you in one or two days with the results.

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@bogdan this is the same behaviour as I experienced, I have mine set at once a day now but preferred twice or more but not the volume of emails. Think you mentioned dev were looking at this, any updates on that?

Can you please try this version and see if it solves the problem?

Downloaded and installed, I have set to multiple times a day so will see what I receive. Thanks

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So far so good not seeing any random emails now :slight_smile: Thanks

Okay so it’s a lot better but this version I think breaks the emails layout. The image shows detected version as the latest but latest version as the previous version and the link doesn’t work. If unrelated then I’ll create a separate post

This is an issue that was introduced in the version before, but it’s fixed and it will be included in the next official update.

Thanks for verifying that the problem with unwanted emails is solved.

Great stuff thanks for this.

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Resetting it to once per day helped. That’s fine for me.

Thanks for verifying that. However, please note that the problem is solved in the version that I have sent in one of my previous posts. It will be included in the next official update too.

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