Dark mode on Mac - lastest OS, updated MainWP

In dark mode as move mouse up and down page on Managing sites results is flashing white blocks across the screen.


Taking a wild guess I am going to say Safari ?

Try adding this to your MainWP Custom Dashboard Extension on the CSS tab

.ui.selectable.table tbody tr:hover, .ui.table tbody tr td.selectable:hover {
background: rgba(0,0,0,.95)!important;
color: rgba(0,0,0,.05)!important;

Yes on Safari.
I only thing the css acomplished was to change the lite mode row highlight to black.
Which made the meta-text hard to read against the black background.

The white flashing is still happening in dark mode.

You can remove that it was a shot in the dark at best…

Are you using any other Dashboard customizations other then the browser dark mode - such as Typemarker?

I’m in the process of testing in Safari Dark Mode soon.

Yes have Typemarker installed.

@techmagick You will need to reach out to that Plugin Developer @uamv and have them look at their code as MainWP at this time doesn’t support OS/Browser modes.

Typemarker @uamv is a member of this forum - I am sure they will see this and respond - otherwise i suggest opening an official Typemarker support ticket on https://typemarker.com/support/

This is a known issue and one that I have no current way of resolving. The MainWP UI does not make use of the CSS :hover attribute in order to apply background styles to those rows. Instead, javascript is used to apply an inline background-color style rule. As such, the !important styles being applied by Typemarker override that inline styles, but only after the browser loads it briefly after it having been dynamically added in the way it is. If anyone has a workaround for that, I’d be happy to get something in a future release.

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@bogdan Is this something that we can tweak so play nicer? IMO, considering we are not in a Node environment, style should be left up to CSS not JS.

Yeah, I will look into this. This is actually default behavior for the Semantic UI framework, but I will see what can be done.


@bogdan Oh ok kind of figured it would be. Thanks!

Yeah, I figured that was probably being pulled in by a default of the framework. Thanks for checking it out!

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