Dashboard checks if backup is required before update but this is DISBALED in the global settigns

This is a strange behavior. I have disabled the setting “Check if a backup is required before update”

Anyways, sometimes, not always, when clicking on a single update button a popup appears that still CHECKS if a backup is required! This takes minutes and is totally something that should not be checked if this setting is disabled globally since there is not even a single site option that could override this.

Please disable this popup and the check if we have globally disabled the check for a backup before updates!

Please. Thanks.

tl;dr: If we disable the check if backups are required, update right away. If we wanted backups we would never disable that option in the first place.

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This has been an issue for years I think… It was discussed before, but without result, so thanks for bringing it to attention again.

This happens on the single updates of plugins.

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