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Hello, everybody,

I am new here and therefore I hope that I am also right here.

I got myself MainWP Pro and now I want to install it correctly from the beginning.

I have already seen that it makes most sense to run the dashboard in a separate WordPress installation.

Now the following situation or question.
I have a domain (example.com) which I redirect to another domain (example.de). Is it now possible to create a subdomain or a subdirectory at “example.com” and run the dashboard of MainWp in an extra WordPress installation. The domain “example.com” should be redirected anyway.

Is one of both possible in principle? If so, which variant is recommended?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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I would go with sub-domain as long as it’s on its own WordPress install.

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Yes, it should be possible to keep main domain redirected while you can use the subdomain for your MainWP Dashboard. I would agree with Dennis that sub-domain might be a bit better way to go.


@DuerrSteidle I would tend to agree with both @bogdan & @dennis on this one, however I want to explain why.

You may in fact have example.com ( Your Sales Site ) & then have example.com/mainwp ( your dashboard ) and it will work just fine.

Now, If there ever were a security breach they would then basically have access to /mainwp as well.

Subdomains give you the ability to place that “folder” anywhere in the world, be it, in a directory one level up on the same server, or a total different server all together. Subdomains can do this because they are considered their own “Contained” website that is separate from the other sites associate with that domain name. Actually, you are on one right now reading this. :slight_smile:

With this said you could even rename the folder all together and mask it with the Subdomain.

/home/yourAccount /public_html/example.com
/home/yourAccount /public_html/fishfrogdog ( mainwp.example.com )
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Thanks for that great answers.


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