Dashboard Site Info, PHP Version


Is there a way to force check the PHP version being used on the Child Site?

At the end of March my hosting provider updated the PHP version to 7.4.16, and as yet this has not been reflected on the dashboard.

Child Status Report shows 7.4.16, but the Dashboard only shows the previous version 7.4.14.


I’ve searched the boards but found nothing, and although not something with a high importance per se, two of the child sites on the same host are showing up correctly.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Nigel,

this is really strange. I have never seen this before.
Do you have some caching enabled on the site? I wonder if the old version number value got cached somewhere.

Hi Bogdan,

All cache on child site cleared and not in operation on the dashboard.

Best regards,



I’ve cloned from the production to a locally hosted site and all shows up correctly.

This in turn leads me to believe that it may be the hosting setup (unusual as they are all the same template).

I’ll re-check the plugins, as the only difference between locally hosted and production is WP Mail SMTP plugin which wouldn’t load on the local setup.

Updates as I try and work out what’s happening.



Hi Nigel,

ok, let us know how it goes.

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