Dashboard slow due to Tables Filter

I reported this 2 years ago because it made my dashboard non usable.
I Decided to give it another try and everything is still as bad as it was.
I decided also to publish it here so others could fix their issue with a slow dashboard, because I am sure I am not the only one.
The problem is the datatables integration with the plugin, the site page, when on table mode, it takes ages to load.
In my installation, on a brand new server and with all extensions disabled, but with 55 sites, some of them disconected and other connected and well.
The table takes between 5 and 15 seconds to load.
And because it is slow, you can see it loading the whole information and then filtering it back to show whatever you have selected on the table options.
Removing those scripts
C__Users_darkpollo_AppData_Local_Temp_fz3temp-2_class-mainwp-system.php - S.....
C__Users_darkpollo_AppData_Local_Temp_fz3temp-2_class-mainwp-system.php - S.....
make the table fly, but then I cannot filter or sort.
Of course something is delaying the whole load and I think is because my old database with maybe rest of old bad updated extensions from Mainwp.
But this should not be the way the table loads.
It should only request the data on the options and load only that, not load the whole thing and then “hide” the rest.
If you have a very slow table on the dashboard, you can do two things:

  • Use the “grid” view, which loads everything fast and nice.
  • Report it to support so they do something about it.

Thanks and I hope it helps someone.

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Hi @wpherc,

Have you tried to enable the “Optimize for shared hosting or big networks” option in the MainWP > Settings > Advanced options page?

This option changes how the table is loaded. Instead of the default load process, it uses the server-side loading.

In my testing, this option reduces the loading time 3-4 times.

If that doesn’t help, you can use the mainwp_sites_table_features filter, described here: mainwp_sites_table_features to disable specific DataTable features and keep the ones that you need.

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I just installed and import 10 sites into a brand new mainwp installation. The table load is too slow even for that.
If your options fixed the problem, why are not those the defaults?

Also, why is there an Atarim link if I do not have the atarim extension installed?

The Optimize for shared hosting or big networks is not enabled by default because it will not be necessary for most users, and it has a downside regarding the freshness of data.

When that option is enabled, some of the data of the MainWP Dashboard is cached. That way, it doesn’t need to be fetched from child sites and processed every time a request is made.

The Atarim link was included as part of our collaboration with the Atarim team.
You can disable or unset the column by following the steps in our help document:

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