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I’ve reading closed posts. At least two (2) involved security for the WP-Admin of the domain onto which you have installed MainWP, .i.e, how to prevent an added Dashboard user from accessing and making changes to one’s WP-Admin features, like Appearance, Posts, Pages, Plugins, Users, etc.

I’m pleased to say that I have figured it out and it IS as easy as the documentation says, with one free plugin added. I downloaded and installed Members.

First, you create a new role in your MainWP Dashboard (I’m naming the Role the same name as the User who is the Admin for a Site that has been added to my MaiinWP Dashboard]; I edit permissions to say the Role is to provide full access and administration of Sites to which the User is assigned (the default MainWP setting, I believe); create User; assign User Role; create a Group; assign Site(s) to the Group; add User to Group.

With the Members plugin installed, all WP-Admin Users, including all the Users you add to manage their own sites, in your default WP-Admin [where your MainWP Dashboard is installed], you go to Members, call up a User you added to get access to manage the User’s Site(s), you can edit that User’s Permissions to being able only to Read posts and pages, and nothing else.

When you do that, and your new User logs in to yourMainWpinstallation.com/wp-admin with the correct username and password, this is all that that new User sees:
Screen Shot 2021-06-14 at 4.46.30 PM.png - pCloud

When the User tries to click on the MainWP button on the top left, it merely open a drop-down menu.

The individual menu items only take the User to those aspects related to the menu items as they relate to Site(s) the user has been ‘assigned’ to manage.

If the User Clicks on MainWP, Settings, or Status, the User gets this denial message:

IF, IF, IF… you uncheck three (boxes) when you create Roles (edit permissions):

This is fantastic! This is exactly what I wish to do and the Pro version makes it happen!

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