Database error reporting has not been disabled

I have been using the free version of MainWP for a couple weeks and really like it. I will be moving up to the Pro version soon. I have a question that I hope someone can answer.

I currently have 7 sites set up in MainWP. One of the extensions that I have installed is the Sucuri extension. Every time I add a site, I see notifications that there are 6 or 7 issues that need to be addressed. I click the link and they generally get handled quickly. Six of these sites are hosted on one server under my hosting reseller account.

Every site on that server accepts every correction that the Sucuri extension attempts except for one site. Every cPanel/hosting account is set up the same. That one site that I’m having problems with accepts every correction except " Database error reporting has not been disabled" I can click the button to correct it and the extension will go through the motions as if it is correcting the issue, then when it refreshes, the problem still exists. The Sucuri extension for some reason cannot correct that issue on that one site. I have tried repeatedly to fix it.

I sent a message to my hosting provider asking him if there were permissions or some other setting that I don’t have access to that might be causing the problem. His response (speaking specifically about the Sucuri MainWP extension):

“Unfortunately I don’t have any idea what that feature does to even begin to figure out why it’s not working on one site. Does it update the wp-config.php or change something somewhere else? I would have to know what it does to be of any help. If you find out what they’re disabling I’ll be happy to check further as well.”

I thought they might be referring to PHP error reporting, but that is a separate check that the extension does and it was corrected on all seven sites without issue.

Any suggestions or hints would be helpful.


Hi Tom, thanks for reaching out.

First, let me say that the security issues detection feature is not part of the Sucuri extension. This is the plugin core feature.

One security issue that you can’t resolve with the provided mechanism is usually caused by some plugin conflict. Basically, MainWP tries to disable Database error reporting, but there is probably some other plugin that keeps enabling it. It can be the theme too.

Is there some plugin that is active on all your child sites? If yes, can you try to deactivate it and see how it goes? Also, please check the wp-config.php and make sure that the debug mode is not activated in there.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks for the reply. By trial and error I discovered a few hours ago that the issue was caused by debug mode being set to true in wp-config.php. I don’t understand why MainWP was able to “fix” the issue with php error reporting with debug set to true, but couldn’t “fix” database error reporting with debug set to true. Nevertheless, I set debug to false and all is well now.

Thanks again.


Thanks Tom for letting us know.

I am very happy to hear that the problem is solved.

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