Database Updater says Extension not purchased

I’m probably overlooking something, but after spending the past hour or so checking documentation and other posts etc… I think I’ve possibly come across a bug.

When I log in to my MainWP and go to Extensions > Manage Extensions > Install Extensions > Administrative , I’m not able to select the Database Updater extension - it is greyed out and when I mouse-over the “i” info icon, it tells me “Extension not purchased. Click to find out more”.

Clicking that takes me to Database Updater - MainWP WordPress Management , where it states “Included with Pro”

The extension is also not present in my account/downloads section at My Account - MainWP WordPress Management

I’ve been a paying Pro subscriber since 2021, and currently running MainWP on WordPress 6.1.1 and of course keep it very lean and everything always updated.

Any guesses as to what might be the issue? Am I missing a step?

Thanks very much for any guidance.

PS - Same issue with the Cache Control extension, but hadn’t noticed before because I don’t intend to use that yet.

I had the same thing, but it was resolved after doing a hard refresh of the Extensions page in my Dashboard and trying it again.

Well I think I’m in bigger trouble now.

My Main API key was validated and working fine (and still says valid) , but in an effort to troubleshoot I followed these steps documented from back when 4.2 came out with the change to the Extensions Licensing System - Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation

Not only did that not resolve the issue, but now I have a new one - my existing extension licenses keep reverting to “Extension API license is not activated. Click here to activate it.” status. And when I click that, for about 1 second it will say “License Activated” and gives the Green box / check for just a second, then reverts back to “Extension API license is not activated”.

I’m getting pretty stressed out now :frowning:

@josklever thank you for your reply.

When you say “hard refresh” , are you talking about logging out, clearing browser cache, then logging back in using the browser refresh button? If so, I’ve tried that in both FireFox and Chrome.

Or maybe you’re talking about the step that I just took as documented at Activate Extension(s) API - MainWP Documentation , deleting the extensions API activation data and re-entering my Main API key?

Just a CTRL+F5 (Windows) was enough for me.

If the Master API key you can find in your account isn’t working anymore, it would be best to have that check by support. You can create a ticket for that via My Account - MainWP WordPress Management (if you’ve logged into your account).

Thank you again for responding. My Main API key still says it’s valid / active when I click “Validate my MainWP API Key”. I’m in the process of submitting a support ticket now.

If it’s still valid, I don’t understand the issue you are facing. After validating, you should be able to “Activate Extensions” to activate them all. On that same page a hard refresh fixed it for me to make new extensions available.

I’m absolutely baffled, because if I go to MainWP > Info > Server and scroll down to the Extensions section, they show as activated there:

Hey @David_H

We just checked your account, and all the new extensions, including Cache Control and Database Updater, are added to your account.

If doing a hard-refresh (CTRL-F5) as @josklever suggested, or clearing the browser cache doesn’t help, please open a private Help Desk ticket so we can investigate further.

@bojan - Actually I had a ticket open while you posted your reply, and Bogdan was assisting me.

Bogdan got the new extensions added to my account (somehow, I don’t know) , so that resolved the Database Updater and Cache Control install availability, but it didn’t fix the Extension License API issue that I posted above at Database Updater says Extension not purchased - #3 by David_H

So, he suggested that I try these 3 steps:

  1. Go to the WP > Plugins > Installed Plugins page on your MainWP Dashboard site,
  2. Deactivate Extensions in the issue, then reactivate them,
  3. Once you get redirected back to the Extensions page, click the Activate Extensions button to reactivate the API license

And that worked! I now have nice green check-marks (instead of a red x) next to the word License for each of my installed extensions.

Big relief. I was starting to really worry. Bogdan followed-up to my ticket and said that if I encounter something similar in the future, not to worry - MainWP extensions will stay fully functional during troubleshooting process so nothing bad can happen :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Great support! Thanks guys!

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