Date published showing post creation date

On the MainWP post dashboard the date published is showing the creation date and not the published date.
For example if I create a post as a draft then say 2 weeks later I publish the post the date showing in the MainWP dashboard is the date I created the post. If I go to the child site the correct date is showing for the published date.
Could this be a cache issue?

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I think this is related:

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Hey @pastichedesign

MainWP uses Last Modified value in the Date column in the table on Posts > Manage Posts page, and elsewhere.

In the next major release of MainWP, we will be looking to change how the Dates for Posts and Pages is displayed.
We will be either displaying it like WordPress does in the WP Admin or we will have two separate columns for Last Modified and Published.

Hi thanks for the reply.
Clearly this is a bug if MainWP uses last modified value then why would you have the text as date published instead of using the text last modified. Very confusing! It would be good to sync the MainWP date published with the child site date published for a better user experience for someone managing a lot of posts.

In the Manage Posts table, the column is labeled simply as “Date”.
Please let us know if we are currently labeling it as Date Published elsewhere, and attach a screenshot if possible.

Apologies you are correct in the manage post the column does only say date however the next column says status which can also show published hence the confusion.

Thanks for the reply.

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