David's Hello from Toronto

Glad to be part of the MainWP Community! I’m a Designer/Developer, and I’ve been around websites for 15yrs., WordPress for 7yrs., and loving MainWP for 4 years. Would especially like to connect with others near Toronto or in Canada. Cheers!


Florida here, but happy to connect with you on the board at anytime!

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Hi @dkissner, Fred here based in Ottawa, Canada running a web design agency called WP Expert. Happy to connect!

Great to hear from you Fred. I’ve been on your website before and it’s one of the best I’ve seen! Do you build all your client sites on Oxygen?

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Thanks @dkissner! We switched to Oxygen in last August and we are not looking back! So flexible and sky is the limit. We used to build sites with divi but so heavy and got some limitations (especially with CPT integration). Really happy with O2!