Delete favorite plugins UI inaccassible

As if the solution to delete favourite plugins via this rather unintuitive menu path Extensions > Favourites wasn’t already a bit of a stretch, I now seem to be unable to even get to any of the DELETE buttons in the rhs column: MainWP ridiculous UI

The column isn’t scrolling horizontally, or rather, doesn’t fit and isn’t reacting to the screen width. It’s basically inaccassible.

In addition, selecting plugins via checkboxes does not bring up a global/bulk delete option. Seriously?

Hey @nadworks

The desktop view of the table should be adjusting to the width of the browser window. If the plugin name is too long, it will be wrapped into a new row.

Are you using any WordPress plugins or browser extensions that may be interfering with the page rendering?

The delete button you are referring to isn’t meant for bulk deleting the selected favorite plugins but for deleting plugin groups.
If you want to remove plugins from a group, you need to click the group name, deselect the plugins, and then Save Selection.
And if you want to completely delete a plugin from the Favorites, you have to click the Delete button in that plugin’s row.

Currently, bulk-deleting plugins from Favorites is not possible. Please feel free to make the suggestion on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

No, unfortunately, I am getting EXACTLY the same behaviour in a virgin Firefox installation with no extensions.

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Thanks for the update.

Both Firefox and Chrome are wrapping long plugin and theme names into multiple rows, except when they don’t have any spaces in them.

In the future versions of the Favorites extension, we will be limiting the number of characters displayed in the table row so that the table is always displayed in full, complete with the buttons on the right.

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