Delete Non-MainWP Changes still not quite right

Hey guys, some progress was definitely made with Delete All Non-MainWP Changes still not working , but there’s still an issue.

Here’s a current example:

  1. I log into my MainWP parent and see that there have been a total of only 26 changes / entries since I last did this a couple days ago.

  2. I click the Delete All Non-MainWP Changes button, and it still goes trough and says there are still 255 entries as it has been saying for months now, takes a long time, and says they’re gone.

  3. Sync sites again, and even if there are only a few Non-MainWP Changes present, it will go back through and tell me 255 changes are selected / being processed.

It’s like the database or MainWP just simply won’t let go of the past. (I empathize with it lol).

I checked with a colleague who is also a MainWP Pro user, and the same thing occurs for them. Different number of changes of course, but the same exact phenomenon.

Seems like this bug hasn’t quite been squashed completely yet. (Yes, we’ve forced-refreshes, don’t keep cache, etc…).

Hopefully the wise folks at MainWP know what could be the culprit here?

Thank you,

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Hi @David_H

Based on your screenshot where it says 60/254, those are not 254 changes. That’s in fact the total number of child sites on your Dashboard.
That’s why it always displays that number when you’re deleting the widget entries.

If there are a couple of entries in the widget after the clean-up, it’s possible that the widget didn’t have fresh data before starting the clean-up.
This is indeed going to be a very likely case if you didn’t sync the Dashboard before the clean-up.

It’s also possible that the clean-up failed on a couple of child sites. This would be indicated by the red X icon in the popup modal next to the child site name.

@bojan - boy do I feel stupid now! Indeed, I didn’t realize that clicking the “Delete All Non-MainWP Changes” button would course-through all 254 child sites even if there weren’t any changes on most of them. Thank you for clarifying / educating me on this. Based on that, all is well / functioning normal. My apologies for any wasted time on this.

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