Delete Non-MainWP Changes

The exact same Non-MainWP Changes continue to present on “Synch Dashboard With Sites” even after deleting individually or using the new Delete All Non-MainWP Changes feature. Has anyone else run into this? We’re using MainWP Dashboard Version


Hey @FreshView

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce this issue. When I removed an entry in the widget individually, and all of them with the Delete All Non-MainWP Changes button, the entries do NOT come back after performing a Sync.

Please make sure you are running the latest version of the MainWP Child plugin v4.4.

Also, try hard-refreshing the browser page if you just installed the version, or delete the browser cache and see if that helps.

I am using Firefox 110.0 on MacOS 13.2.1 (22D68). I use WordPress 6.1.1 running Intentionally Blank theme, and MainWP Dashboard Version

I hard cleared all cache and cookies as suggested, and after using Delete All Non-MainWP Changes button, the entries come back after performing a Sync.

I am running MainWP on SiteGround with NGINX Direct Delivery and Memcached deactivated, but Dynamic cache remains active on the host. No CDN activated. Host PHP is set to PHP 8.1.16

Is there anything else I can try since you can’t replicate?

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Can you please check if you are running MainWP Child v4.4 plugin on your child sites?

If so, and the issue persists, please open a private Help Desk ticket, so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

Yes, all child sites are running MainWP Child v4.4 plugin. I’ll open a ticket as suggested.

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Hello @bojan,

I have the same issue as @FreshView.
Here it is after I deleted all non-mainWP entries:

And here it is after I synced all the sites:

I can reproduce it every single time → Delete all changes, sync and voila! They are back so something is not deleting somewhere…
Hope it helps!


This was a known issue in a previous MainWP version and the changes should be cleared via the database.


Thank you all for the reports and the information regarding this.

We have identified the cause of the issue, and it will be resolved in the next release.

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That’s great! Thank you Bojan.

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