Different extension settings for different groups?

Hello! Nice to be part of the community.

I’d like to start offering various levels of support, for different prices.

Can I configure extensions based on group?

For example; I’d like a basic membership group to receive one WP Rocket configuration, as they’re on a basic hosting + maintenance plan, whereas my midrange customers have a different server setup and would benefit from a different Rocket setting.

I’d like only my VIP clients to receive benefit from the vulnerability checker, as it’s an expensive package.

I’d like various client groups to receive appropriate WPVivid backup frequency + location

And so on.

It looks as though most of the extensions don’t have a ‘groups’ section to administer this.

Am I missing something?


Hi Michael,

thanks for reaching out and joining the community.
At the moment, extension settings can be managed per-site basis or globally. So, unfortunately, managing settings per group is not possible now.


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