Display Client Name in Pro Reports

Hi there,

I am having an issue with the client’s name not pulling through to Pro Reports emails or PDF reports.

The client’s details have be populated in the ‘Pro Reports Tokens’ section on the website edit page.

The client’s name displays correctly when previewing the email content in the ‘Email Settings’ section when editing a report. It just doesn’t pull through to the sent email or PDF report.

Any ideas what could be going on here?



Hi @responsive

Client details such as the client name need to be in the Client section, not in the Edit page of the Child site.

Keep in mind, there is an open issue right now that requires that the [client.email] field needs to be entered on the Edit page of the Child site.

Thanks for coming back on this @bojan

I find that a little confusing, and I’m not actually using the ‘Clients’ feature of the dashboard.

I prefer too keep all of the report token data inside the ‘Pro Reports Tokens’ section of the Child site’s edit page, as this makes more sense to me.

So I have created a custom token for contact.name on the Pro Reports page and populated this token for each of the Child sites. Contact name is now displaying in both emails and PDF reports so works great.


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