Does MainWP post section support spintax article?

Hi,i’m new here, but playing with MainWP for 1 week and this is great app, make alot easier managing more than 1k sites. But i’m usually do some article using SPINTAX format, does MainWP post section support spintax article?
I just read this Is it time to retire the MainWP Spinner Extension? - #11 by cgscomputers , but from my understanding (because i never tried retired spinner plugin) this plugin stand for making spinner version of articles? While my question not about making spinner (i make my own spinner article semi manually, edit here and there), but can the post section of MainWP post article with spintax format?
And after read related article and testing myself, it seems it not support, but i dont know for sure if i’m not setting correctly or it is exactly not supported. That why i’m open question on support to make sure.


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