Does mainWP use wp-cli to update WP core, or is that WP core doing that?

I have one Cpanel server which has a bunch of different WP installs on it. I’ve noticed recently that WP is now updating via a wp-cli/cache folder and it is leaving behind old versions of WP in there. This is annoying as we host many WP sites and I don’t want to have to manually remove these files to rid us of the unnecessary disk space usage

any idea as to who is doing this ie. WP install itself, or is this mainWP which we use for all of our WP sites, on this server and our others?

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I’ve never seen this happen, so I can 't imagine that this is done by MainWP. I think it’s something on the server, so please check cPanel for an update manager or something. If you can’t find it ask your host. Maybe they manage updates as well.

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Hey @bbmedia

MainWP does not use WP-CLI to perform updates on child site.

As @josklever suggested, it might be a good idea to check with your host support for more information and to see if they are managing updates.

Thanks, yes seems it was only happening on one of our servers, a CPanel server, and is either WP Toolkit or Softalacious. Seems that I can’t disable this and even though it is in a cache folder, it doesn’t properly remove old WP versions. A bit annoying as it all builds up over time.

Sorry to bother you, I should have twigged to it being a CPanel only issue.