Does using templates in Wordfence Central overwrite MainWP Wordfence settings (or vice versa)?

Just installed the MainWP Wordfence extension. I’ve been using Wordfence Central for a few months, including their templates. Wondering if one or the other takes precedence? Thank you!

The one that syncs as last. There is no live sync or anything. I’m using WF Central so I can filter the notifications and send them to Slack instead of email.


Awesome, thanks! How are you filtering the notifications and sending them to Slack? That sounds pretty cool!

You can do that in the settings of Wordfence Central and you can find a link to the setup instructions there as well. Example of my settings:

As this is actually off-topic (not related to MainWP), please send me a DM if you have more questions about Wordfence Central.


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