Domain monitor failing for country level domains + automated notifications spamming the inbox

Any updates on the domain monitor extension regarding the country level domains ? .fr .eu .de .ro are not working for me and looking at the forum there are many asking about this for a while but without updates from May.

Plus, I did a stupid thing to activate the automatic checks and with the issue of not getting the info for the country level domains the MainWP dashboard has spammed my inbox with 1 email per domain … can you please, please, please create a single daily notification regarding the domains and not one per domain.

Thank you.

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Hey @dcgavril

Unfortunately, the WHOIS server is still providing an empty response for certain TLDs. We are working on this, but we don’t have an exact time frame for the solution.
And as soon as there’s a new server available, we will add it to Domain Monitor.

Currently, it’s not possible to bundle the Domain Monitor notifications into a single email.
Please feel free to make a suggestion for it on our feedback site. That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

Hey @bojan,

Thank you for your reply. I understand the situation with the whois servers, I will try to look into finding you a solution(I’ve dealt with this issue before for domain management).

As for the notifications if we want this extension to exist and to be used, we need to merge the notification otherwise the extension will create a huge issue with spam while sending notifications for each unsupported domain(keep in mind that some MainWP users have hundreds of domains in management and most likely with many unsupported domains).

Thank you.


@bojan The plugin doesn’t seem to save the setting correctly as I’ve tried to disable the automated checks/email notifications and it continued to send tons of emails, had to disable completely the extension to stop the spam. (I’ve seen that there’s a way to disable completely the emails for this extension from the email settings but it’s weird to get emails if the automated checks are disabled…)

Thanks for the update.

There was an issue with previous versions of the extensions, where the email notifications didn’t follow the “Automated domain checks frequency” setting, but that has been fixed in the latest version of Domain Monitor 4.0.1.
The extension should not be sending daily notification emails if the frequency check is set to, for example, once a week.

If you do have the latest version installed, and the email notifications do not follow that frequency setting, please open a private Help Desk ticket, so we can collect some additional information & investigate further.

Everything is up to date on the dashboard, and this extension is at v4.0.1, but it’s still not taking into account the settings. I will create a ticket the next days.
Thank you.

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