Domain Monitor fails

I have added the Domain Monitor extension. However, it does not work for my domains. Like here: Domain monitor for all domains not work

I have seen here in the forum that some have the problem. But have not found a solution. The solution is always “Please wait.”.

How long do you have to wait?

Hi @wizible

We are working on adding new WHOIS servers for the non-working domains.

Since this is not a Bug report, I’m moving it to the Support category.
We don’t have an exact ETA right now.

So it makes more sense to remove the extension?

The extension works properly for a large number of TLDs.

As stated, we are working on resolving the issue with non-working TLDs, and we’ll add a note to the extension with a list of non-working TLDs so the users can be informed upfront about the issue.

Told you so, so remove extension. Doesn’t seem to work. Since you can’t tell when new domains will be added, the extension is not usable for me.

That is strange. They are just normal .de domains. These do not work?

Country-level TLDs are more affected than others, and .de currently does not work.

We are sorry if the extension is not usable to you, however, it is useful for a large number of MainWP users.

You are free to remove it from your Dashboard until the we’ve resolved the issue with those TLDs.

Hi @wizible,

Unfortunately, when it comes to Domain info it’s not that easy to resolve problems with certain TLDs. There are multiple issues that we came across.

The Domain Monitor queries WHOIS servers to get domain info, but for certain cTLDs, there is no data returned. In some cases, we even found that there are some privacy laws that are cause for this.

For example, for .de, the extension queries the WHOIS server to get the info, but the only data that is returned by the server is domain_name and domain_status. There is simply no errors in the code, code works fine. The only problem is lack of data in response from the WHOIS.

So technically, the only way to make the extension work with certain TLDs is to get a more reliable source of information, and we have been looking for it, but we couldn’t find any so far.

We do have plans to work on this extension and make it more User-Friendly, review all TLDs, and make a list of unsupported ones to eliminate all confusion it makes.

However, since the extension is still useful for other users, removing it is not something we can consider.

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