Domain Monitor not working on .de tld (but also, thinking about a toggle switch or manual date entry)

Hello! I’m actually okay with Domain Monitor not working on German domains (I don’t expect this information to be made public again in the future). I can keep track of those separately (via scheduled email/spreadsheet/ or whatever else).

But could we get a toggle to exclude specific domains from domain monitoring? That way I won’t get any emails reminding me that a domain is about to expire in 1969 :slight_smile:

Over at I can enter a date manually for the domain where the crawl fails, that’s also a great option. So I’m set for reminders, although of course it would be more convenient to have everything inside MainWP.)

Thank you.

Hi @marleen

Thank you for the report. We are aware of the issue.

The WHOIS server used by the Domain Monitor extension is providing an empty response for certain TLDs.

As soon as there’s a new server available, we will add it to Domain Monitor.

Can you please make the suggestion about excluding specific domains on our feedback site? That way, other users can vote for it, and it lets us know which features our users want the most.

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