Domain verification for SK-NIC is broken

Domain verification for SK-NIC is broken. The problem is probably caused by reCaptcha authentication for the domain. Is it possible to do something about it?

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Hi @JosefToman

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​Thank you for reaching out and reporting this. We are aware of the issue.

The WHOIS server used by the Domain Monitor extension is providing an empty response for certain TLDs.

As soon as there’s a new WHOIS server available, we will add it to Domain Monitor.

Have you tried verifying the domain via
It loads pretty fast there. I don’t think the Slovak registrar will change the authentication method…

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Querying a domain on the website is not equivalent to how the WHOIS server is queried within our extension.

We will continue to look for a workaround or a new WHOIS server.

Yes tried, and the results are in the link… view. It is important for us that the verification returns mainly the validity of the domain.

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We understand the importance of this information, and we will continue to look for a workaround.

Please note that querying a domain on a website such as or is not equivalent to how the domain is queried in our extension.
So if the querying works via a certain website, it does not necessarily mean that querying via that same website will work in the extension.