Download Pro report in PDF

I updated my Mac to Monterey and now when I try to download a PDF in Pro Reports nothing happens. I think this is Safari issue but dont know where to fix. Anyone else having the same issue with Safari after the update to Monterey? And how to fix? In Firefox it still works fine.

Preview Report still works fine in Safari. Its only Download PDF that’s not working anymore.

Hi Alain,

Can you please recheck in the Safari settings if it’s blocking popups?

I checked and popups are allowed for this domain.

That is strange.
Do you get some error/notification in the browser console?

I tried again and now it’s working again. Don’t know what the issue was but this is resolved.

thanks for verifying that the problem is resolved.

I can only guess that it was just some temp. issue or something got cached… Important thing is that everything is working now.

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