Dynamic Settings Based upon each site in WordFence Settings

Hi, we are using the WordFence security plugin. There is a feature that allows us to automatically block users that try to login with the username admin, administrator, or etc… We would like to hook into the save process for the configuration and generate unique users based upon the child site. For example, domain-admin or admin-domain. Is there a way to do that? For instance, the saved configuration for google.com would look like the following under blocked users: admin, administrator, google-admin, admin-google, google.com-admin.

Is there a way to do that?

Each MainWP extension follows the same Work flow as described below:

Extensions > extension > Global settings.
Sites > extension > Override Global Settings.

In order to set WF settings on a per site basis - you will need to navigate to each Child Site and override the WF settings from there.

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@kwcjr - Is there a way to programmatically do this by hooking into some function? That is the only setting we want to override on a site basis. Otherwise, all of our websites should be setup the same.

@Revekius Not built into MainWP, I do not believe so.

In my personal setup with my clients. ( YES I use MainWP as well! ) I usually just add these rules to global as they are usually the same across all sites anyways.

If you’re PHP savvy you could look into the WF API here - the import might be of use: Wordfence API - Wordfence

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