Easily Update WooCommerce and Elementor Databases

After yesterday’s announcement of partnering up with Jetpack by Automattic and developing the Jetpack Scan and Jetpack Protect Extensions, today, I am excited to announce, “Database Updater,” one of the most requested features on our feedback portal.

The Database Updater Extension allows you to update WooCommerce and Elementor plugins’ databases directly from your MainWP Dashboard. This would not only save you time but also ensures that you stay updated with the latest updates.

You can bulk update the databases for all selected or individual Child Sites without getting into the wp-admin of each.

Take a look at the walkthrough:

Useful links:


I really love this update. I’ve directly installed it and used it to update 15 sites with Elementor database update and 1 with WooCommerce update. They were probably missed before and very hard to find otherwise (having 257 sites in my dashboard at the moment).


Thanks, @josklever.

I’m glad it’s making things easier for you already, and it is impressive how often you are the first person to use new releases! I appreciate it!


Great tool I waited so long for. But after my first test, it found only a part of the sites with necessary updates. On many sites there are still updates not done.

Thank you for reporting this to us. Would you mind opening a Help Desk ticket so we can investigate it further?

Hi, Great to see this Elementor DB update option.
I would love to see Avada Patcher to be added to the list. see screenshot.
The patcher can sometimes be found after updating the Avada Theme.
Also with every Avada update there’s a strict update for some plug-ins as well

As Avada is the nr1 Themeforest theme available it would be great to see added support!


Hey @dhoitink

Thank you for the feedback!

Please feel free to make a suggestion about Avada Patcher on our feedback site.

That way, others can vote for it, letting us know which features our users want the most.

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