Elementor vs MainWP issue


As others mentioned here already there seems to be an issue with MainWP child plugin and Elementor.

I had issues on different websites in the past few days. For example: I added a section and filled it with a background color. In the Elementor backend editor everything looks fine. In the frontend (the website in the browser), however, the section appears (I see the additional space showing up) but it is empty, no background color.

Another example: I have a section with three modules (a blog grid, a text block, an image). I edit them individually, change the margin, the font size, the image size etc. In the backend everything looks good. In the frontend the layout edits do not appear (the image size was not changed, the font size was not changed, the font localization was not edited etc).

After I disabled MainWP Child plugin, all edits appear correctly in the frontend.

One detail: yesterday while working on a different website with the same issue I disabled LearnDash plugin which also solved the problem. On that specific page MainWP child plugin is still running. And so far, editing that website is possible also with MainWP child enabled.

I use:

MainWP Child plugin 4.0.7
Elementor 2.9.8

Any suggestions how to solve that problem? Thanks!

This doesn’t sound like a MainWP Child issue, but more like something with caching, that’s cleared when deactivating a random plugin. I haven’t seen any issues so far with Elementor and MainWP Child.

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Thanks for your feedback Jos! I had thought about caching as well. It can’t be the browser since I opened the edited page in a second browser and found its same non-edited version as in my main browser. Maybe it is my CDN. I will keep an eye on that and delete CDN cache if the problem occurs again.

However, if it is a caching issue, why does the updated version of the website show new sections that were included but does not show their content? This looks like selective caching in which the cache shows 99% of the old version but 1% of the updates as well (maybe that is even common and I am just not aware of it). To explain: every time I added a new section it appeared in the frontend and when I deactivated the same section again, it disappeared from the frontend. When I activated the section again, it showed up again on the frontend etc. What does not show up is the content of that section.

I still don’t see any relation to MainWP, so this is not the right place to figure this out.


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