Error for trying to install MainWP Client Reports Extension

I am getting this error for trying to install MainWP Client Reports Extension:
folder_exists - /…/…/

The folder does not exist. The plugin does not show in WP Plugins or on the MainWP extensions section.

Did you check it via (S)FTP or the file manager in cPanel (or similar)?

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I did check on cPanel and with ftp.

Hi Craig,

I have seen this error earlier, but in all cases, the folder was there when checking via (S)FTP.

Can you please double-check?

I did check three times last night and just checked again and there it was. I tried again and it did install. Thank you all so much for your support! It is very, very much appreciated!!!


Hi Craig, thanks for letting us know.
I am happy to see that the problem was resolved.

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