Error reporting Data

I have 3 sites that get, once a month recurring pro reports. 2 Of them (in the group of 3) work perfectly. The third only displays “Error reporting data” when i click on “Preview Report” button.

I thoughtb i had a workaround. Downlad the PDF and send it myself. But ! When clicking on “Download PDF” is see the green bar “Generating PDF Document(s)” but nothing opens.
Does MainWP store it somewhere or …?

Any ideas?

The site that doens’t report works on the PHP version is 7.0.33
|MainWP Child Version|4.1.4|
|PHP Memory Limit|256M|
|MySQL Version|5.7.32-35-log|
I can sync it and it looks just like any other.
I used normal connection and with Unique ID.

Hi Marco,

Thanks for reaching out.

Child site settings look good. This should not be the cause of the problem.

When you try to get the PDF, can you please make sure that your browser doesn’t block pop-ups?

Tried it in Chrome and Edge. No such luck. Now it stops with “Generating PDF’s”
Any idea why one of the three won’t work ?

Can you please confirm that there are no popup blockers?

I used incognito for Google Chrome. Firefox with (checked it) pop ups allowed and made exceptions for my site that contains MainWP.
Excellent! Download works. Preview works. So you solved that one.

Now i’m only left with 1 of the 3 not working. When i do preview and/or download report i see 2 correct reports. But one only contains: “Error reporting data”.
Keep in mind that ALL sites sync and display correctly. Including the 1 with “Error reporting data”
I compared the 2 working to the 1 failing report site. All settings seem the same. Any thoughts on that ?

Hi Marco,

Thanks for getting back to me. I am happy to see that the problem is resolved for 2 sites.
For the 3rd one, not sure what it could be.

Would you mind opening a private Help Desk ticket so we can collect some additional information & investigate further?

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