Error with child plugin on site with PHP 7.1.33

One of the sites I maintain is still on PHP 7.1.33 (already waiting 2 years for the correct Plesk credentials) and it appears to give an error after the installation of 4.3 beta 1:
Een fout van het type E_PARSE werd veroorzaakt op regelnummer 568 van het bestand /.../wp-content/plugins/mainwp-child/class/class-mainwp-child-actions.php. Foutmelding: syntax error, unexpected ')'

I think it’s because of the trailing comma after the last parameter in line 567 which isn’t supported yet in PHP 7.1.

Hi Jos,
Thanks for the report, we are looking into this and fix will be included in the beta 2

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Fixed. Pending beta 2 release

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Fix included in the beta 2

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