[Existing Extension Request] WP Vivid Staging

Hi to this great community.

We already have an extension for the WPVivid backup plugin with Pro features.

On one side we have a staging extension. But it can’t push from staging to live. This is a huge time taker to do the same work again on live after testing on staging. So this is only a half of staging functionality.

On the other side WPVivid Pro has staging functionality that can push to live. It would be great to be able to manage the WPvivid staging pro features from the MainWP dashboard.

I saw this topic that was closed but didn’t find answer.

Hi @Domagic

The WPVivid extension is 3rd party extension, which means it’s created and supported by the WPVivid team. If you have any suggestions regarding it, please contact their support.

And please keep in mind that this board has been moved to the new Feedback Site .
If you would have any suggestions for us in the future, please create them on that site.

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Understood. Thank you for your answer

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