[Extension Request] Alternative to Sucuri scan - Astra free scanner

Since we have to do a security scan manually with Sucuri, I am wondering if MainWP can look at the new free service offers by Astra: https://securityscan.getastra.com/
They offer free security scan but also SEO Spam and Malware scanner. It will be a nice addition to MainWP tools.

Am I missing the API?


oh! I didn’t check if they have an API… :frowning: My bad @dennis - looks like they don’t. You may reach out them maybe they will be opened to a collaboration? It will be a nice alternative to Sucuri (a.k.a Go Daddy).

I’ll reach out to them and let you know if I hear anything.


I talked to Naman over at Astra and

Glad that you reached out, you won’t believe but integrating with MainWP was on our roadmap for Q2 this year!

So we should be seeing something from their side at that time!


That is fantastic! Super excited to hear that. Thanks @dennis to reach them out.

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