[Extension Request] Consolidate WP Time Capsule backups in the Pro Report

I have my backup set to real time, and as you can imagine, it can create a lot of backup files in a day depending on the activity.

Now in the report, I get several pages of redundant tables about the website backup.

I’m hoping that instead of outputting the individual backups for one day several times, maybe just output one and indicate the number of backups created.

Anyone who has a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

If this is the MainWP Client Report Extension You have the ability to change the report to output the Backup Counts Only…

Instead of using [section.backups.created] use [backup.created.count]

[section.backups.created] Loops through Backups Created during the selected date range
[backup.created.count] Displays the number of created backups during the selected date range


During [report.daterange] your Site was Backed up and stored safely [backup.created.count] times.

Hi Keith, thanks for the response.

I still want it to loop through [section.backups.created] but instead of displaying multiple entries per day, I just want it to display one entry per day with the number of backups taken on that day.

Right now, my reports are like this:

April 1 - Website backup
April 1 - Website backup
April 1 - Website backup
April 1 - Website backup
April 2 - Website backup
April 2 - Website backup
April 3 - Website backup

I want it to be like this:
April 1 - 4 Website backup
April 2 - 2 Website backup
April 3 - 1 Website backup

It’s more concise but still shows a slightly more detailed report.


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@gslwebsol Sorry for the delayed response - I can see how that would be a much better way to display them. If you would like I can convert this thread into a Feature request so that change could be made some time in the near future?

In the mean time if I run into an easy way to do it I will be sure to update this thread with my findings.

Thanks, Keith. I appreciate it.

Meanwhile, I hired someone to make the necessary changes, but it’s less than ideal because it required making updates to the plugin code since there was no hook available.

I’m glad you at least got it working the way you want.

MainWP & the MainWP Client Reports Extension are both open source & we do welcome Pull Requests. Feel free to have your Dev open a Pull Request. After the code is vetted it would be merged into a future release quicker.

In the mean time, I have converted this ticket to a Feature Request.

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