[Extension Request] Custom notes for individual clients in reports

This thought came from Brett Coleman responding to a video overview I did on the two client report extensions here.

He wrote:

“Do you have any suggestions for if you wanted to make a special note for each individual client in the report for that specific month? I may have overlooked it.”

I certainly would use it.

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It might be useful to simply create a custom token:

Once the token is created, notes can be kept in the site Edit screen.

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That’s great. Thank you. I did not realize it was so easy to create a custom token.

My first thought was a pre-exisiting one that was not used. This is much better.

Obviously, a bit cumbersome if you wanted custom messages for each client every time, but perfect for how I would use it.

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@Waumsley, you are welcome. I am glad to see that this approach works. Please note that same think can be done in Client Reports extension too.

Hi @Waumsley,

Just saw your youtube video and have been thinking along the exact same lines only I’m looking at taking it a bit further.

I’m currently creating a new custom template for Pro Reports and will be testing using shortcodes to insert table data from either Airtable or NinjaTables (pulling data from Google Sheets) so that I can automatically create custom notes for each client.

That way I can push time tracking entries from my time tracking software directly to Air Table or Google Sheets and have it automatically filtered by date range and inserted into the monthly reports. No need to go through each client and update token fields each month.

That’s the plan anyway - haven’t quite gotten that far yet but I’m hopeful it will work. :slight_smile:


Thanks Phill, That’s a great idea. I really hope you get it working.

This again makes me appreciate that MainWP is open source.

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