[Extension Request] Introduce „clients“ so that sites can share the same personal data and tokens

I have several clients that have multiple sites. Currently I would need to duplicate all that personal data/ tokens (which I use for boilerplate, reports etc). It would be much more logical to have clients and associate them to one or more sites as we are used in any CRM, invoicing tools, Plesk or anywhere else where we deal with multiple one to many relationships between clients and objects.


@phalancs “Client Profiles” - to me sounds like a better way to organize sites better. I can see where having a central location for a single clients tokens and information would be better then having them on each “Child Site Profile”.

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I like the idea @phalancs and your comment @kwcjr but, maybe it will be better if we can push our CRM data that we have on our clients (pretty sure everybody does) to MainWP. Do you know if we can build a web hook or api to connect directly to those tokens? Then it will not really matter since you can automate the process to push the right data to the right site. Just thinking out-loud.

Though this is a nice idea I suspect this or even an API would be be way out of scope for Mainwp. But anyways. Yes, any kind of improvement would be great. :slight_smile: so I am keeping the ball rather low.

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BTW @wpexpert: which CRM are you using? Been searching for ideas for a while now.

@phalancs, we are using NetHunt in association with Airtable. NetHunt (nethunt.com) integrates perfectly with Gmail so it is super easy to manage leads and have a quick overview of a contact, exchange and other datas. We are using Airtable to manage our active clients with projects and all on a Care plan. We are missing an integration between both since they are only using Zapier and we are using Integromat but, they said that their API is coming soon…